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Tank Plan Prevents Winter Failures

Remove harmful contaminants (water, sediment and other impurities) from your fuel storage tanks before cold weather arrives. Prevent contaminants from entering your equipment’s fuel systems. causing corrosion and forming ice that plugs fuel lines and filters. In cold northern climates like Montana, water may be the biggest contaminant. If you haven’t already, CHS, Inc. recommends you adopt the following tank and equipment maintenance plan: • Tilt tanks to direct water and debris away from the outlet. • Pressurize tanks to keep vapor and air inside. • Drain and remove all contaminants every three months. • Install proper filtration systems on bulk tanks. • Replace filters on all equipment according to the manufacturers recommendations. • Clean pump screens regularly. • Sample fuel for quality assurance quarterly, • Clean tanks annually.

Remove water with Aquafighter®

Rocky Mountain Supply is now a dealer for Aquafighter®, a product claiming to completely remove water from fuel from directly inside the fuel tank, According to the manufacturer, Aquafighter will: 1. De-emulsify water from fuel molecules to less than 65ppm with 100% efficiency. Aquafighter causes water to release naturally from fuel and does it without adding to or altering the fuel. 2. Attack and capture water immediately upon release from the fuel molecules. 3. Isolate water in its protective gel to permanently segregate it from the fuel and tank environment so your fuel and tank is protected at all times. Aquafighter encapsulates the water preventing corrosion, bacteria growth, and re-emulsification until it is removed from the tank. Want to use Aquafighter in your fuel storage? Call RMSI’s energy department at 406-388-6116. You can pick up Aquafighter or your driver can install it next time he fills your tank.