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Spring Fertilizer Challenges

I would like to begin by thanking everyone for their understanding this spring. As we all know it was a very condensed spring. We had everyone wanting their fertilizer at the same time so they could get water on the field or seed in the ground. Our crews handled this in a very professional manner. Our applicators and operation staff had some really long days. 

How to prepare next spring 

The lesson that I took away from such a condensed spring is for us to try and visit with our producers more about fall and early application to eliminate some of the rush. Alfalfa crops especially are good crops for early application. Phosphorus is primarily applied on alfalfa, and it is not mobile in the soil, so it will stay there and not leach or volatilize away. Having these fields applied in the fall or in an open winter/early spring will make sure when we come to apply your other fields we can move more quickly through your place and be out of your way. Other ways to have your field applied more quickly and efficiently is to have the fields prepped before the machines arrive to apply. Start by visiting your agronomist, or operations manager and getting them maps of the fields you want applied. This eliminates the applicator having to stop the machine and ride around trying to figure out the fields. Please move your pivots, wheel lines, hand lines, or any other objects in the field. Please make sure any risers or steel post are marked with bright paint, so applicators do not run over them. Please make sure gates are opened if possible and be aware of any muddy spots for the applicators to avoid. All these things can speed up your application and get us out of your way so you can get your water on, or seeders in the field. 

Employee Recognition 

Kyle Cerovski, has been a part of Rocky for over eighteen years. When it comes to applicating he is as good as they come. Many of you know Kyle personally and he probably knows your fields better than you know him. Kyle was promoted to the fleet Forman due to his mechanical ability and his attention to detail. He is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to trucks and application equipment. I often find myself calling him in mid-season for help. I know that when he sees my number popping up on his phone he automatically thinks “what did he break now?” but still manages to answer and walk you through the repairs, while keeping calm under extreme work pressure. Rocky Mountain is very lucky to have Kyle as part of the team.