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Spring Fertilizer A Mixed Bag

I would like to begin by thanking all Rocky Mountain Supply (RMSI) agronomy customers and staff for the 2022 season. This was one of the most odd springs I have seen in a long time. It was not consistent. We had many slow lulls throughout the season, because of the lack of rain and snow we received early on. Our agronomy division did not distribute and apply the tons we had hoped to this spring. High fertilizer prices and the uncertain economy led our customers to cut back on their orders. There were also many acres of winter wheat planted last fall, so that impacted the drill fills for the spring. Overall, our agronomy team performed stronger than expected. We once again faced a shortage of crew members and a shortage of equipment, due to parts that were not available or on back order. RMSI’s agronomy employees adapted and overcame every obstacle set in front of them. They were able to do many repairs “in house” to avoid increased repair costs and long waits at the mechanics’ shops. I am extremely impressed with our agronomy crew. 

Looking Forward

I don’t see fertilizer prices dropping off in the near future. With grain and corn as high as they are, as well as the high cost of fuel and inflation, I do not see anything in the near future that would drive fertilizer prices down. I would also like to recognize Wayne Humphries. He has been a great addition to our team in Townsend. Having this man on board is a complete pleasure. He is hard working and is very reliable in all tasks set before him. Safety around him and others he works with is a priority. If you happen to be in Townsend, please take the time to thank Wayne for all he does.