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Right Sizing Tanks Can Mean Big Savings!

No doubt you’ve heard us talking about making sure you have the right-size storage tanks for the volume of fuel you use annually.
Well, there are actually six ways to save by upsizing your farm and commercial fuel storage.

1.    Better pricing. RMSI prices the fuels we deliver on volume. The more you buy, the more you will save. The larger the delivery, the cheaper the fuel. Is your small tank keeping you from saving money on each gallon of fuel delivered?

2.    Continued service. Our current minimum delivery is 200 gallons. But we are in the commodity delivery service, and this minimum may go higher in the future. We need to look for ways to make our route trucks more efficient and raising the minimum delivery is one way to do that. Will your tank size prevent us from serving you with the most competitively priced fuel in the area?

3.    Supply chain disruption. We’ve rarely run out of product, but the world is changing. Just look at the east coast disruption when Colonial Pipeline shut down this spring due to a ransomware attack. Make sure you have enough storage, so you don’t run out. NOTE: It’s kind of like a pantry at home — you want to keep a little extra in there.

4.    Steel prices increasing. The current price of rolled steel is triple the price of the 20-year average. The price of a 1,000-gallon tank is 40% higher than three years ago. If you have been considering a new, bigger tank, you need to quit waiting and order, to avoid further steel market increases.

5.    Save interest, too. RMSI offers a four-year, interest-free payment plan to help right-size your fuel tanks. We’ll carry your purchase and spread it over four equal, annual payments, making it more feasible for you to invest.

6.    Better for you and us. If we can deliver fuel to your place five times a year instead of 12, it’s better for both of us — a win-win. And oh, just to remind you, we are a cooperative. When we make money on
fuel and equipment sales, we pay patronage. It’s to your advantage to help us be efficient by right-sizing your tanks.

Ready to save money? Call 406-388-6116, RMSI energy department’s dedicated line, and say, “I want to right-size my tanks.” We will let you know how many gallons you use annually, and what the right size of tank is for your farm or commercial operation.