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Seed Storage Expanded

You may have noticed some new seed bins at our Townsend location. These bins improve our storage and give us the ability to clean seed in a timelier manner. Seed storage is one of the bottlenecks at our seed plant. When our storage is full, we cannot bring in more uncleaned seed without making room. This sometimes leads to overselling of seed. We bring in the product late and find out there are fewer bushels than we were counting on. This new storage is a great start. We hope to add more seed bins in the future. A Strom Treater has also been added to the seed plant. This piece of equipment will speed up the treating process. Now we can treat directly from the bin as well as from the plant. With the new treater, we can also offer different seed treat blends to fit your needs in the field.

Freight costs high

Over the last couple years, freight costs have increased significantly. With slightly lower fuel costs in recent weeks, I was hoping to announce some decrease in the price of fertilizer. Unfortunately, I do not see the fertilizer market changing in the near future, with current trucker shortages and continued fuel market instability. Freight prices have a big impact on fertilizer prices. There is a high demand for trucking and a low amount of competition. Some products are brought in on rail, but rail has proven to be unreliable. We bring in some fertilizer by rail, to try and keep us price competitive. The rest must be trucked in, so we can be sure we will have product in the plant when our customers need it.

Employee recognition

Chris Dettmann is RMSI’s applicator at our Dillon location. Applicator is his main title, but Chris is a man of many talents. Other roles he fills at Dillon include fabricator, mechanic, and trainer of new employees. That last role is one for which we are most thankful. It takes great experience and patience to train employees on how to operate and maintain our application equipment. Thank you, Chris!