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Pasture Herbicide for Clean Fields

Who wouldn’t want cleaner pastures?

While most pasture ground is primarily used for grazing, it can be used for other purposes as well. One of the biggest battles in our state is unwanted invasive weeds in our pastures. Often times, there are many different species of plants which make up a pasture, this can make maintaining clean pastures even more difficult.

As a full service co-op we offer an array of different control measures to combat hard to get rid of weeds in your pasture. There is not a cure all for every weed in your pasture which is why contacting one of our agronomists to help make a plan for you can help better suit your needs and best utilize your investment.

Our Recommendation

One great herbicide clean-up option we like to use is GrazonNext. This tool allows you to clean your grass pastures of some of the toughest to kill weeds, and does an exceptional job of keeping them weed free down the road.

GrazonNext controls a large spectrum of over 100 annual, perennial, and biennial weeds, including dandelion, multiple species of thistle, hounds tongue, and ragweed.

This herbicide can help clean up your fields for higher pasture forage production, which in turn will produce higher weight gains and can stretch an acre further for grazing rotations, at the lowest per acre cost possible.

Other common Ranger herbicide mixes

3 oz Chapparal 6 oz LV6 1 qt/100 Spredde 90

.35 oz Cimarron  1 pt LV6

1.5 pt Tordon 8 oz LV6

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