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Let’s Talk Alfalfa


Talkin’ Alfalfa

When it comes to alfalfa we have something for everyone, whether you are a dairymen, commercial hay producer or just want to put up enough hay to feed a few horses throughout the year and sell a load or two for some pocket money.
Here in Montana we are very demanding and expect a lot out of our alfalfa. In most cases with us being such a livestock producing part of the country we are going to hay it hard, graze it even harder, throw some of the coldest temps in the lower 48 at it and expect it to break dormancy with a smile on its face ready to go to work. That’s why we choose CROPLAN Alfalfa. We stand behind the best genetics in the country and let them go to work for you!  
We are privileged to bring the best genetics in the country to our customers. Croplan Alfalfa is ownded by Forge Genetics, the world’s largest alfalfa breeder, & they strive to bring new and improved genetics and traits to the table for you each and every year. 

Roundup Ready Alfalfa Benefits

Utilizing Roundup Ready and Controlling weed establishment for the life of the stand so important to keeping competition away. Alfalfa HATES competition! We also want to help deliver the highest percentage of clean, green alfalfa to our livestock as possible. I can’t stress the importance of not allowing a seed bed of weeds to take our investment! We are depending on our Alfalfa stands to give us our expected yield goal. Weeds are the most limiting factor in yield, a quart of Buccaneer 5 (glyphosate) 30 days after seeding will help keep those weeds at bay! My 2 personal favorites are..

  • RR Presteez- 3.2 Fall Dormancy & 1.2 Winter Hardiness
  • RR Graze N Hay-2.9 Fall Dormancy & 1.8 Winter Hardiness (GEARED TO BE GRAZED WITH LIVESTOCK)

Conventional Alfalfa Benefits

 Conventional alfalfa is a great option! Especially if you have a market that is more driven to want an alfalfa/grass mix. From a crop protection standpoint you can keep broadleaf pressure out by using 4-6oz of conventional herbicide (Raptor, Pursuit, Pemex, Vulture) once a year. Conventional alfalfa has a place in every operation and boy do we offer some high horsepower varieties! A few of my personal favorites are..

  • Legendairy XHD- Fall Dormancy 3.2 & 1.2 Winter Hardiness  
  • Maxi Graze- Fall Dormancy 2.0 & 2.0 Winter Hardiness (GEARED TO BE GRAZED WITH LIVESTOCK)
  • Legendairy AA- Fall Dormancy 3.4 & 1.1 Winter Hardiness


How important is seed bed prep?
If you take anything from this article this is it. I can’t stress this enough when I say alfalfa loves to be planted into a FIRM seed bed!!!
Drill or Broadcast?
We always suggest DRILLING to ensure proper seeding depth and seed to soil contact. That being said, our applicators do a great job of blowing seed on for customers that may not have the time or the equipment. Make sure to up the seeding rate 2%-4% when broadcasting.
Is Nutrient Management importance?
If you feed it... IT WILL GROW!! Phosphorus, Pot Ash and Sulfur are the steak and potatoes for alfalfa but don’t forget the importance of micronutrients such as boron, manganese and zink.
Seeding rate and seeding depth?
Seeding rate is a lot of personal preference but under irrigated conditions I suggest 16-18 lbs/acre. Under dryland conditions I suggest 10-12 lbs/acre.
Seeding depth should be 1/4-1/2”


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