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Growth Through Education

Our CEO, Brad Gjermo, often states how important it is that Rocky Mountain Supply (RMSI) continues to invest in our people. They are our greatest asset, and when they are engaged, confident and well prepared to execute their roles, we have stores that are ready to meet the daily needs of our customers.

This past August, we rolled out our program focused on the continuing development of our department heads. This is a new venture for RMSI, and we plan to build upon this each year as we fine tune the content and methods for presenting information to our team. We are delivering this training using both classroom settings as well as a variety of online courses. 

The classroom courses feature different guest speakers, as we plan to incorporate training from many members of our admin team, including our CEO, CFO and HR director. Future courses will even include some of our vendor partners who will provide great training on customer service, merchandising and more.

An additional “side benefit” of these training events is the ability to bring many of our department heads together from various stores to network and share ideas. With retail locations in markets with varying dynamics this is a great opportunity for each of them to discuss their wins, challenges and future plans with their peers. ◆