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Retail Update

At Rocky Mountain Supply (RMSI) we continuously work with our vendors to find products that meet your needs and will help you with your business. We also look for new products to help fulfill your pastimes and hobbies. Now at our Belgrade, Dillon, and Enis stores, you’ll find a full line of Bozeman Flyworks fly fishing products.

Bozeman Flyworks is a local company founded in 2015 that speaks of speaks for their founding in this way, “We’re just normal dudes who are passionate about everything fly fishing—well, except maybe how expensive it is. This all started as we got tired of walking out of the fly shop $100 lighter every trip and decided to do something about it.”

Bozeman Flyworks offers quality fishing gear at affordable prices. Stop at our Belgrade, Dillon, and Ennis stores to check out the new gear we’re carrying.

More Livestock Specialists to Serve You

Over the last two years, we’ve introduced a new position to RMSI customers: a livestock nutrition sales specialist (LNSS) to improve our presence in area agriculture, whether production or lifestyle.

Kevin Visser has been and will continue to be our LNSS in the country. Ken is on the road 3–5 days a week, visiting local producers and working with them to insure we have the feed and animal health products they need to be productive. He even helps with fencing and livestock handling equipment.

New LNSS Hires

Starting in 2022, we’ll be hiring LNSSs for each of our stores. We’ve already hired two new LNSSs: McKenna Anders and Haley Potter.

McKenna Anders was born in Oregon and currently resides in Dillon, MT. She moved to the area to attend Montana State University where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in animal science with a minor in international business. Throughout her childhood, McKenna was heavily involved in horse shows competing in multiple disciplines. Her experience involved not only showing horses, but also teaching riding lessons and exercising horses. McKenna has been a part of the RMSI team since the Fall of 2020 in Belgrade, except for time spent at an equine breeding internship in Kentucky in the spring of 2021. The staff at our Dillon store is excited to have her in a new role as the in-store LNSS.

Haley Potter was born on a ranch in North Dakota where she developed her knowledge of the cattle industry. Growing up on a family cattle operation, she had the ability to learn not just about beef, but other livestock as well. She spent many hours in the saddle, and she also showed sheep through the local 4-H program. Haley and her husband manage a cow camp in the summer months, and they reside in Toston, MT. She joined the RMSI team in October of 2021, and she will work as the LNSS at our Belgrade location.

As you visit our Dillon and Belgrade Stores, please welcome and get acquainted with McKenna and Haley.