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Fall Fertilizing

Spring Conditions
Recent springs in southwest Montana have been a challenge as far as getting in the fields. Wet spring conditions make it difficult to get fertilizer applied in a timely manner. Moving your fertilizer application to fall makes sure your hay crop has the nutrients available right away in the spring with less worry.
Nitrogen can be applied efficiently in the fall when coated with ContaiN. This will help keep the nitrogen where the crop can utilize it right away in the spring giving it a early boost.

Why should I have fertilizer applied in the fall?
There are multiple reasons that you may want to look at using fall application on your ground. The questions you should be asking yourself are.

  1. What is my crop and what nutrients am I trying to get to the plant?
  2. What condition is my ground? Is it boggy or hard to get in when spring rolls around?
  3. Are you worried about having a too short of window for application, if there is a lot of unfavorable weather come spring?

If you are thinking about fall application on alfalfa ground, this might be your best fit. Generally, in alfalfa fertilizer blends there is lower Nitrogen (N) in the mixes. Most often the alfalfa blend will target Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K).
Phosphorus is not mobile in the soil, so you do not have to have the same worries about leaching or volatilization, like you would if you were setting down large amounts of (N). Applying your phosphorus in the fall, still gives you the nutrient you need come springtime, but without the rush, and often times at a little better price, due to lower demand.

So if you’re thinking about alfalfa this fall, concerned with spring conditions, or just want to get ahead of the game now is the time to contact your local Rocky Mountain Supply agronomy experts!

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