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Every Customer Served Despite Shortages and Repairs

After another year of unexpected events, I was pleased with the performance of the Agronomy Division. We had many vehicle repairs and higher-than-expected replacement costs, but our team was able to handle these unexpected costs and time consuming issues without missing a beat. Our locations shared equipment and personnel to fill the gaps for each other.

In addition, we came close to running out of product, but there again the location managers were able to divert loads to make sure these shortages didn’t impact the timing of getting product on our growers’ fields.

Where We Are Today

Spring is just around the corner, and we currently have a good supply of fertilizer. Despite the usual logistical concerns of getting supply in season, I remain positive that this is something our team will be able to handle very well, as they did last year. Our plants are close enough together to support one another.

I encourage alfalfa growers to get the phosphate they need early, to alleviate some of the time crunch in spring. Due to last spring’s heavy repair costs, we had to postpone setting liquid fertilizer tanks in Belgrade. We will work toward this goal in 2022. Equipment repairs and maintenance will also be a priority this year. It is important to avoid letting repairs get out-of-hand, leading to big replacement costs.

Planning Ahead

The Agronomy Division will stay focused to make sure the future needs of our growers are met. We plan to replace certain vehicles annually, so the fleet stays updated. We’ll also plan for more storage at our Townsend seed plant. Mick Moos and Jesse Gullion have both expressed the need to have more capacity to supply the growth that location is experiencing.

When decisions for updates and growth are made, it usually starts with conversations with the agronomists and the location managers. These guys know what is needed and where the demand is. If you have concerns about RMSI fulfilling your needs as a producer, please visit with your agronomist or location manager. Your input drives our decisions.

Thanks for your past business. The Agronomy Division is looking forward to another year of mutual success, for the co-op and its members.