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Agronomy Gets It Done!

The spring season provided many formidable challenges, from driver shortages to getting products in our plants. I was very impressed with how our team handled these challenges.

Our agronomists forecasted product usage and worked with our operation managers to get the products ordered ahead of time. The operation managers put their experience and skill to work, bringing in the fertilizer early and contracting to stay ahead of demand.

With driver shortages, it was common to see many different team members driving tender trucks. The applicators put in many long, hard hours to make sure they covered all the ground.

I could not be more thankful to the members of the agronomy team at RMSI. They gave it their all to make sure our customers had what they needed. I have yet to see a more dedicated crew. Growers, if you get a chance, please thank them for their efforts and long hours.

Watch your growing crops

I encourage everyone to watch for insect pests in your fields. With higher commodity prices and increased expense for seed and fertilizer, you do not want to turn over your growing crops to aphids, grasshoppers, weevils and other yield-robbing insects. These hot, dry conditions are prime habitat for these pests.

Stay ahead of infestation. If you believe your insect counts have reached a treatable threshold, contact your RMSI agronomist for a recommendation. We can provide you with the crop protection products you need to avoid feeding these lowlife bugs a five-star meal.